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You work hard – unfortunately, so do your hands and feet. Come to Salon Kate & Spa and truly give yourself a deserving treat! We will sooth with relaxing spa treatments, reenergize with dynamic massages, and finish with lavish manicures & pedicures. You will leave feeling like you’re floating– now that sounds heavenly.
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Eucalyptus Spa Pedicure

Eucalyptus spa incorporates the soothing, cooling and anti-inflammatory properties of Eucalyptus into five aromatic products. Also known to relieve stress, ease muscle pain and combat mental sluggishness.

Paraffin care with 10 minute hot stone massage

Green Tea Spa Pedicure

Experience the powerful, healing benefits of Green Tea. Soak in rich antioxidants, boost your skin's immunity, detoxify and protect your skin. Rejuvenate and relax with nature's greenest anti-aging remedy.

Paraffin care with 10 minute hot stone massage

Purissima Organic Spa Pedicure

Purissima is a professional organic foot care treatment for stress ridden modern society members that provides relaxation and promotes well-being. Stress and lack of exercise cause poor blood circulation, increasing metabolic degradation and waste matter accumulation in the body. Blood circulation, relieve chronic stress and exhaustion, leading to healthier.

Paraffin care with 10 minute hot stone massage

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